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Perspective of play in business

Perspective of play Brenden and Charlize


Like many of us, I grew up believing that winning equals success, product is more important than process, and that working hard at all costs meant a better future. Working to win was my obsession and I rarely took the time to savor the moment because I was already onto the next win…

I was anxious, stressed, tired and unhealthy (on all levels).

I knew something needed to change and that’s when I decided to reframe my focus from “winning” the game to playing the game. 

I actively brought more play and creativity to how I approach my business.

Here’s 3 ways my life has changed;

  1. I’m fully enjoying the experience of the present moment, I have a sense of engagement, an enjoyable flow, and newfound pleasure in each step of the process.
  2. The perspective of play has enhanced my creativity, widened my lens outside the square so that I explore alternative approaches, and develop more innovative solutions.
  3. I’m more curious to experiment, and as a result I’m developing new skills, flexibility, and spontaneity.

With moving to a perspective of play, I’m feeling more resilient, resourced, available, and patient. This has seeded more presence and a sense of joy which transcends value to my employees and clients.


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