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Letterlatch provides your customers and your workforce with the secure access, storage and retrieval of essential business communications.

Digital document mailbox.

A secure always on digital document mail box provides enhanced efficiency and convenience for your customers and your workforce.

Single sign on.

Letterlatch can be securely integrated into your current web-based or app based customer or workforce portals. With the use of secure token technology, users can sign in one time to your portal and view all personal Letterlatch stored documents.

For business.

Your customers and workforce can register and log in via your own branded white labelled Letterlatch site. Letterlatch makes it incredibly simple to upload indexed PDF documents into the secure repository making communications available near immediately after processing. Documents can be loaded by your internal resource or by your preferred outsource partner(s).

A secure communications repository.

Letterlatch is an online repository for the storage archiving and retrieval of essential customer and workforce communications, it's seamless and secure, and makes your communications available from any web connected device 24/7 anywhere in the world.

User document upload.

Your customers and workforce may be able to upload and store communications to Letterlatch. Documents may include signed contracts, letters, formal identifications, and all forms of personal information.

Look and feel.

Letterlatch is a modern and easy to use interface, which can be customised to match your digital brand guideline and customised domain name. We make Letterlatch look and feel like your very own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Letterlatch?
Letterlatch is secure front-end to back-end and hosted at a facility that has the highest accredited security levels. Letterlatch provides secure online access using HTTPS, and secure upload and download utilising bank grade SSL/TLS encryption. The encrypted SSH connection is used by the upload application to connect to the Letterlatch server. The SSH connection ensures confidentiality and integrity while authenticating data transfer communications. Customers access Letterlatch with their secure username and password combination and optional 2FA.
Who administers Letterlatch?
The clients appointed Letterlatch administrator control staff access rights to determine who can view stored documents. Staff can sit up and invite new customers to Letterlatch as well as administer customer accounts and password resets. Staff can upload individual documents against customers and set individual document viewing access rights for each customer. By having seamless access to important customer documents Letterlatch becomes a valuable tool for providing exceptional customer service enhanced customer experience.

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