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Vibe is a digital signage platform that streamlines communications to your workforce regardless of their location or device.

Workplace communications

Vibe streamlines communications to your workforce regardless of their location or device, and fosters a sense of connectivity and engagement. 

A single technology platform for content creation, publishing, and distribution enables consistent messaging and seamless dissemination of content to diverse workforce segments.

Vibe is the solution to get your message seen, heard, and understood. Whether you’re sharing wellness practices, building, and enhancing corporate culture, making announcements, or providing critical health, safety, or emergency information, Vibe gives you all the tools you need to successfully deliver highly engaging and impactful messages to the workforce. 

Reduce effort with workplace integrations.

Produce content for your communication channels without effort. Vibe seamlessly integrates with leading workplace apps and social media platforms to streamline your workflow.

Access control and screen management at your fingertips.

Control who can create, review, and publish content within the administrative portal. Monitor screen up time and administer system and screen patches directly from the administration portal.

Professionally designed templates.

Get all eyes on your message with the help of Vibes extensive collection of visually rich slide templates with attention grabbing animation.

Templates in the Vibe web portal make it easy for communications teams to share messaging across locations in minutes, or to schedule preloaded messages and set when you want them to be seen.

Templates adept to brand by location. Simply drag and drop content from your desktop or integrate content directly from workplace applications.

Communications to your workforce regardless of location.

Vibe is an omni channel platform that reaches your workforce regardless of location. From workplace digital signage screens for the hard to reach frontline workforce, to screen savers, web browsers, and intranets for the digitally connected workforce, and through to mobile devices (Apple and Android) for the workforce on the go.

Ready to go infotainment streams.

Reduce the effort of creating entertaining and engaging content with Vibes’ collection of infotainment content streams.

Infotainment and real time content will captivate your employees and keep them engaged. Relevant, entertaining, and useful content is the secret to keeping your staff engaged, during their downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time could I save using the vibe platform?
Vibe often reduces the time to produce and publish digital content by as much as 80%.
We use MS Teams / Slack / Yammer / Facebook workplace for employee communications. Do I still need vibe?
  • Collaboration tools are designed for collaboration and sharing two way information. They are not effective internal communication tools when it comes to delivering culture, health and safety, well-being, learning and development, and performance insight initiatives.
  • The primary reason why, is because they don't allow the internal communications team to communicate with the frequency and eye-catching impact required for this type of communication to be delivered effectively.
What is spaced repetition?
Vibe leverages science backed techniques to increase the reach and retention of your culture and compliance messaging. In Vibe messages are delivered with spaced repetition, this is where engaging messaging is spaced out overtime rather than on repeat. Spaced repetition is essential if you want people to retain messages and embed programmes that will influence long term change.
We use our intranet for employee communications?
  • The fundamental issues when using the Internet for everyday internal communications are as follows:
  • The Internet does not provide an effective vehicle for hard to reach non wired workers.
  • If you look at the five fundamentals for effective internal communications, intranets struggle to deliver visual and lively content that is front of face and delivered with frequency.
  • Many organisations set up the Internet browser default home page to open as a notice board. This generally falls short and goes unread because the information is very static, text heavy, and the page becomes busy. Internal communication teams also struggle with intranets being difficult to maintain or needing to request updates via the IT team - expect delays.
  • Vibe complements the company intranet by amplifying the information within the Internet. This is achieved by actively displaying key information in teaser format, as example, in front of hard to reach workers via large formats screens within common areas.
What are the five fundamentals of effective communication?
  • byte sized
  • visual
  • lively and animated
  • spaced repetition
  • front of face
Do you supply the hardware or do we have to organise this?
We maintains close relationships with hardware distributors. You can choose to secure your own hardware through your preferred hardware partners or we can support you with sourcing hardware on your behalf.
Why is System on Chip digital screens better than external media players?
For the most reliable, hassle free digital signage network, we recommend System on Chip (SoC) technology. By removing the physical media player, we remove the component that is most likely to fail in a digital signage network, as well as an unnecessary cost. With our SoC solution, we have greater security and direct control over screens making it considerably easier to maintain a large-scale network of screens.
How long does it take to go through the onboarding process?
  • Roughly two to four weeks for initial platform setup and onboarding training. Once you are set up our customer success team are here to support your roll out to ensure you get the very best experience from your new platform.
  • In some instances there may also be additional time required for any new data integrations.
  • We are here to help at all stages of onboarding, and we take great pride in continuing to deliver exceptional support service.
Is Vibe content responsive to various channels and screen sizes
With all five channels, digital signage screens, screen savers, web browsers, intranets, and mobile devices, information is presented in the same attention grabbing lively format. This provides consistent delivery of messaging to both your hard to reach workforce, in office workforce and workforce on the go.

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