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e-cards combine fundraising effectiveness, brand exposure and positive emotional experiences for both the sender and receiver, contributing to the core business benefit of increased support and engagement for an organisation or not-for-profit.

Digital card fundraising.

E-cards are the perfect way to share JOY while creating both awareness and fundraising for the purpose that’s important to your company or non-profit organization.

Developing an enhanced sender and receiver experience.

The sender experiences a sense of fulfilment and joy in sending a personalised e-card that contributes to the cause they care about. It provides a convenient and meaningful way for them to show support. On the other hand, the receiver receives a pleasant emotional experience accompanied by the organisations brand elements. It creates a positive impression and strengthens their relationship with the organisation, potentially leading to a further engagement or support.

An enhanced fundraising initiative.

E-cards provide a convenient and engaging way for businesses or non-profit organisations to raise funds. The e-commerce application allows the workforce or general public to purchase personalised e-cards which contribute to the organization's cause. This expands the fund raising reach beyond traditional methods and leverages the power of technology to generate financial support.

Brand awareness and positive

By incorporating aspects of the organization's brand into the E cards, the receiver is exposed to the organisations values and mission. This creates a positive association and helps raise awareness about the organization's work and Purpose. The personalised message accompanying the e-cards further enhance the emotional connection between the sender, receiver and the business or non-profit organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the e-card platform look and feel like my brand?
Yes, as part of the onboarding process the platform is customized to meet your digital brand guidelines.
Can we set the price of e-cards?
Yes, you can choose to personalise the price of each card in your card store.
Can we add a donation upsell request?
Yes, at checkout it is optional to ask for a further donation to support the fundraising objective.
Can I send multiple cards within one order?
Yes, during the card shopping process you can select multiple cards and personalise each card to numerous recipients.
I am an organisation and I would like to send cards to my workforce, can I send a bulk e-card distribution to a large workforce?
Yes, a data file which follows a set template file structure can be loaded to the platform which enables a batch distribution of cards to a larger audience, the file can include multiple personalised messages for the recipients.
Can I design and load my own cards to the platform?
Yes, cards are personalised by and for your organization. Designing the cards is part of the fun and is something you can inspire your team to be part of the design process. If you do need support with this our design team can provide professional design services.
Where are funds delivered from the fundraising?
The platform processes payments and payments are transferred direct to your bank account from the transaction.
Can the recipients print their cards?
Yes, a great feature of the platform is that there is a card download function which downloads the card in a format that it can be printed by the recipient on a home printer and display the card.

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