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VetServe is a veterinarian platform for the administration, management and distribution of personalised and repeat animal prescriptions.

Animal health to your home.

The vet serve platform for vet clinics improves repeat prescription management efficiency, offers flexible prescription fulfilment options, and enhances the experience for both the clinic and the animal owners. It enables clinics to focus on their core responsibilities, improves compliance, and strengthens the relationship between the clinic and the animal owners.

Providing an enhanced animal owner experience.

Animal owners can access their prescription history and request updates through the platform. This empowers animal owners to stay informed about their animals’ health and facilitate sufficient communication with the clinic. In farming environments, where compliance is crucial, the platform ensures that the animal owner can maintain a compliant health record, meeting the specific requirements of industries like sheep farming.

Streamline repeat prescription management. 

The platform allows vet clinics to enter prescription information based on predetermined criteria for example, animal breed, size, height, weight and age, enabling personalised prescription curation and management at an individual animal level. This streamlines the process, improves accuracy, and ensures compliance with specific animal health requirements such as those in rural farming environments.

Efficient prescription fulfilment.

The platform offers two prescription fulfilment options. The first option; utilising a third party distribution provider relieves the clinic of managing the complexities of prescription pick, pack and distribution. This allows the clinic to focus on their core business of animal care while reducing the need for holding stock and unnecessarily tying up cash flow. The second option; enables the clinic to internally manage and distribute prescriptions, providing flexibility and control over the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can VetServe manage multiple clinics under a single brand?
Yes, Multiple clinics have a single group brand administrator. The group administrator can view each clinic including each clinics customers and customer related animals. In addition the group administrator can set up and approve new users within each of the groups individual clinics.
How do I know that my prescriptions have been distributed from the third party distribution service?
The platform sends three notification emails. The first e-mail notifies the clinic of the upcoming close-off date at which point the prescription distribution file will be will be packed. The second e-mail notifies the clinic that the distribution file has been closed, downloaded and that packing is underway. The third e-mail confirms when the prescription batch has been distributed.
What level of reporting is available through the platform.
Reports are customizable by the clinic via drag and hide available data fields. Types of standard reports include; expected to dispatch report, actual dispatch report, active animals report, suspended animal report, non-active animals report, young animals report, customer billing report, active customer report. +++
How can my customers access their information.
  • The clinic can choose to make available customer prescription information directly to the customer via a username, password and 2FA registration process. At the customer level access, the customer can make requests to the clinic for example suspending their animal from regular prescriptions or requesting the addition of a new animal for a prescription request.
  • A customer can also opt in to receive notifications by e-mail or SMS message when a prescription has been distributed.
Can VetServe integrate directly to my current practise management system?
The vets serve platform has the capability to integrate into third party software applications through Single Sign On authentication protocols.

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