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How tone of service impacts customer engagement.

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Those who know me are aware of my penchant for finding excitement in well-crafted customer service and hospitality.

As a client myself, I seek to feel heard, understood, and appreciated. I anticipate receiving a thoughtful and genuine solution tailored to my wants, needs, and desires. 

What gives me confidence is service delivered with the right tone:

1.    Be authentic: Communicate in a genuine and sincere manner.

2.    Be concise: Demonstrate that you understand their wants, needs, and desires.

3.    Be firm: Ensure that expectations, capabilities and boundaries are communicated effectively and understood.

4.    Be proactive: Anticipate needs and provide considerate solutions.

5.    Be positive: Convey optimism; be clear and definite about the experience.

When I receive service at this level of vibration, I experience immense joy and satisfaction.

I am inspired to deliver to my customers at the level of my own expectations.

Why wouldn’t you want your customers to feel the same?


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