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How do you delegate responsibility?

Delegate small


It can be tough handing over tasks to your team when you’re highly invested in quality. 

Learn to trust your team. 

Here’s a few thoughts…

1.    Have a team meeting on this topic, keep it light and maybe a bit of fun and inject some humour (see point 2).

2.    Let the team know you’re a control freak (they probably know it already) – and this is something you’re working on!

3.    Ask for feedback on how you can support them to develop their superpowers.

4.    Ask for permission (and their patience) for you to provide regular informal feedback and tweaks to their work. I find the team appreciate this and thrive from all constructive feedback.

5.    Repurpose your energy from doing to reviewing. As you review, it can be your opportunity to develop your playbook of learnings, tips and standards.

6.    Schedule a weekly meet up to share examples of great work you’ve experienced with the team:
•    Praise the positives on what stood out
•    Also note ‘general’ examples where you can provide tips for improvement
•    Ask the team how they feel it is going?

7.    Be consistent and make this the new culture.

I was once told, “you have to prune to grow” 🙂


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