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“55% of Corporate America’s Front-Line Workers are not inspired to go to work because of a lack of purpose-leadership.”

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Have you recently asked yourself “why”?

“Why do I keep turning up to work, what’s the purpose of my work, is there a higher-purpose behind my contribution?”

…a “higher-purpose” (in a business context) reflects a company's commitment to creating positive impact and value in society, beyond its immediate stakeholders. It often revolves around contributing to a greater cause, such as improving people’s lives, addressing social or environmental challenges, or advancing a specific societal or cultural goal. 

These are big questions to ask and require some dedicated contemplation time. 

A workforce is inspired to contribute more of themselves to businesses who demonstrate higher purpose.

Here are 3 steps to inspire your workforce;

 1. Does your existence bring value to humanity and our environment? 

2. Are you actively and authentically communicating your higher purpose with your workforce? 

3. Do you consistently back up your words with actions…and are you actively assessing your influence? 

Remember, profit is not the purpose, profit is essential, purposeful companies make more profit. Purpose is the purpose.

Source of statistic; the Purpose Power Index published annually by Strawberry Frog & Dynata 


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