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You can’t beat a great brand-delivery… Relax it’s Done

Cant beat great brand delivery Relax its Done


It’s easy to make a promise, but delivering it with style is something else. Especially when there's an unforeseen challenge in the way…

My partner thought it would be a great idea to treat me to an adventurous four day Queenstown holiday escape. Queenstown is New Zealand’s premier alpine resort location. Imagine the ultimate outdoor playground: mountain biking, bungy jumping, tramping, sky diving, jet boating, skiing, etc… or simply taking time to relax in the serenity of nature’s majestic ambiance. 

I decided to take charge of the accommodation and for me, a key deliverable was a spa pool. On my digital hunt I discovered the services of ‘Relax it’s Done’ the luxury accommodation experts. This bold and upfront brand promise caught my attention.

 “Let’s find your dream holiday home”, 

“Your dream vacation is our vocation”, and, 

“We’re here to make your stay unforgettable”

Hell yes, I’m instantly sold on this brand promise! And what impressed me the most was their dedication to overcome an unforeseen challenge…

When we arrived I discovered there was an additional spa pool in the outside entertainment area. I noticed a personalised card on the kitchen bench accompanied by a complimentary bottle of local wine and a jar of locally baked shortbread cookies.

The card read:

Over the last couple of days we tried to have the main spa pool work, but we were not able to. We hope you enjoy the spa hire.

Welcome to Sun Peaks Villa Brenden Rolston! Have a wonderful stay, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Team Relax

A spa pool replacement! I can only imagine the time, coordination and dedication behind the scenes to ensure my peace of mind. It might seem like a small gesture but it made all the difference to our stay,

I’m always inspired by organizations and their people who are determined to support their brand promise with exceptional brand delivery, no matter the hurdle. 

Brand promise + brand delivery = brand advocates

When you create Brand Advocates, your marketing is essentially done for you.

(Btw) the wine and cookies were outstanding!

Oh, and I’ve booked our next holiday with Relax it’s Done!


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