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Wearable Arts and the Art of Creative Expression

When you can describe complexity, it becomes comprehensible


I love to experience young people catapulting themselves into uncomfortable surrounds in pursuit of their passion.

I witnessed just that this weekend at the opening dress rehearsal of the Wearable Arts category of the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards.

Junior contestants are experiencing the stage, a balanced combination of excitement and anxiousness, an opportunity to preview each other’s creative masterpieces.

The support team lead the young talent in the right direction using a thoughtful balance of guidance through gentle counselling and demonstration, creating a trusted space to explore creativity expression.

Dan the choreographer provided inspiration channeled through his presence of joining in character, and in coaching…

“You’re wearing Art
Tell a Story
Show your Character”

It’s a nice reflection in how we turn up to support our new recruits in business, all the feelings of passion, excitement, anxiousness. Remaining mindful of creating a trusted space to explore creativity expression.


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