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Direct Mail is like an Old Phone

Direct Mail is like an Old Phone-2


You probably think printed mail is a thing of the past.

Here’s why you’re wrong about that.

Like the traditional dial-up phone, Mail, when reimagined, can reinvent itself into a component of an integrated technology mix (or marketing mix). Smart-phone and Smart-mail.

The secret is in creating tracked online response mechanisms, Personalised URLs (PURLs) and Personalised QR codes (PQRcodes). The PURLs and PQRcodes are unique to each individual recipient, are printed onto the Direct Mail items and are incorporated into the call to action.

PURLs & PQRcodes enable you to track and measure each recipient’s response from the printed mail through to an online landing page. This enables the marketer to measure the success of a promotion, measure impact of AB testing, and measure key stats including break-even and marketing-ROI.

Essentially Direct Mail becomes as measurable as email but includes the benefit of tactical impact.

Here are a few areas I’m seeing Direct Mail excel

High value B2B sales introductions: Printed mail used as a door opener in Business-to-Business sales, introducing brands to targeted high value customer.

Social Inclusion: Baby boomers (60YO+) are becoming more comfortable with tech; however, it’s important to remember that baby boom gen still love and trust direct mail.

Rural, Agriculture & Hard to reach: these guys and gals typically enjoy opening and consuming a printed mailer.

When Email marketing permissions are not received: Businesses still attract new customers from channels where emails are either not available, or email marketing permissions are not received. Direct mail is a useful tool to educate, incentivise and convert customers to register for digital offers and to access digital resources.

Printed mail when reimagined is smart-mail, smart-marketing, smart business.

I’m interested where you are finding success in Direct Mail marketing?


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